Sunday, 27 May 2018

One more sleep!

Hola everyone,

Ellie here! Elder has sent through a few more pictures of his last few days leading up to the incredible Everest Marathon that he'd love to share with you!
Elder and Mel getting ready!!

Elder and Mel spent their first night at Everest Base Camp last night with one more night tonight. 

The race starts at 7am tomorrow (Tuesday) morning local time - For those wanting to track the race this will be approx 1pm New Zealand time, 3pm Australian time (East Coast) and for those in the Americas you'll need to tune in on Monday evening - 6.15pm California time and 8.15pm in Peru.

Elder's tracking number is 143 and Mel's is 112

Good luck team!!! We can't wait to hear all about it!
Elder with friend Ang Dawa who has summited Everest 4 times!

Heading to Base Camp! Everest in the background
Ama Dablam

Elder with the amazing family from Poumari Tea House, they have treated him like a son!
Helicopter to Lukla!
View of Nuptse with Base Camp behind Elder


Presents from our amazing friends at Shoe Clinic in Invercargill!
Climbers from Everest. Some of these guys have summited 10 times!

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  1. Best of luck Elder! Will be following with interest... Sending you oxygen filled energy xx - Kirsty